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New company - Set up a Hong Kong company overseas; made-to-order in 1-2 days with express option

Our services include:
    • Company Name Search
    • Incorporation Document
    • 10 copies Article of Association
    • Companies Registry - Incorporation fee (HK$1720)
    • IRD - Business Registration fee (HK$250 - from 1 April 2019)
    • Green Box
    • Combined Statutory Book
    • Share Certificate book with 20 pieces
    • Common Seal
    • Pre-inked Chop
    • Dia 22mm Round Pre-inked Chop
    • Documents for bank account opening
    • 1 day incorpration (option: +HK$220)
    (5 working days)

    (1 working day)

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Do You Know?

Before a decision is made to start a new business, the various types of business organization must be considered. If a choice is made to carry a business in the form of a company registered under the Companies Ordinance (the 'Ordinance'), then before the company is incorporated the type of company needs to be decided. Consideration should also be given to whether it would be more beneficial to buy a ready-made company (shelf company) then to through the procedure of formation a new company.